Wersja twojej przeglądarki jest przestarzała. Zalecamy zaktualizowanie przeglądarki do najnowszej wersji.


HK Resin Model company design execution models in a wide range of resin and and final production. We also make parts transparent resin (eg, glass cabins of aircraft). Also provide services for foundry resin models in areas such as marine products, railway model making and other industries.

HK Resin Model will perform under his banner of:
- resin models of aircraft from the period 1914-1939 mainly in 1:32 scale
- and military vehicles from World War I on the same scale,
where the market failure.
We know how important for you modelers is that the models were very specific and accurately performed in accordance with the original. For the sake of this model under the sign of HK will be performed at the highest level as of the companies with whom we cooperate.

We are open to your suggestions concerning models currently unavailable on the model-making market